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Case Study – Doncaster Council Social Housing Program

Completed in March 2023, this project involved the installation of metal stud internal Partitions and internal plasterboard and skim and external render across 33 plots.

Enhancing Community Living: Our Contribution to Project Doncaster Housing Program.


In March 2023, Doncaster Council’s Social Housing Program reached a significant milestone with the completion of 33 plots across three locations. B&K Systems played a pivotal role in this project, providing metal stud internal partitions, internal plasterboard and skim, and external render to enhance the quality of social housing in the area.

Project Scope:

The Social Housing Program aimed to address the housing needs of the community by delivering modern and functional homes. B&K Systems’ expertise in partitioning, plastering, and rendering contributed to the creation of 33 plots, ensuring that each residence met the highest standards of quality and durability.


The partnership between Doncaster Council and Wilmott Dixon underscored a commitment to improving social housing in the region. B&K Systems’ involvement in the project exemplified their dedication to supporting community initiatives and enhancing living conditions for residents in Doncaster.


The project posed challenges related to scale and complexity, requiring efficient coordination and execution across multiple locations to ensure timely completion of partitions, plastering, and rendering.


B&K Systems’ experience and professionalism enabled them to overcome the challenges of the Social Housing Program. Through meticulous planning and skilled craftsmanship, they delivered high-quality partitions and finishes that met the client’s requirements and exceeded expectations.


The successful completion of the Social Housing Program marked a significant achievement for Doncaster Council and Wilmott Dixon. B&K Systems’ contribution played a crucial role in providing residents with comfortable and well-constructed homes, enhancing their quality of life, and fostering a sense of community.


B&K Systems’ participation in Doncaster Council’s Social Housing Program exemplifies their commitment to supporting community development initiatives. By delivering exceptional partitioning, plastering, and rendering services, B&K Systems contributed to the creation of sustainable and inclusive housing solutions, enriching the lives of residents, and strengthening the fabric of the community in Doncaster.

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