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Case Study – Project SOYO

B&K Systems, in collaboration with Caddick Construction, embarked on a monumental project to convert 515 residential apartments in Leeds into welcoming homes for city residents.

Transforming Leeds: Project Soyo - B&K Systems' Collaborating with Caddick Construction


Project Soyo, in collaboration with Caddick Construction, saw us embark on a monumental project converting 515 residential apartments in Leeds into welcoming homes for city residents. This project aimed not only to provide housing but also to create vibrant communities within the urban landscape.

Project Scope:

Over the course of two years, we undertook a comprehensive renovation, incorporating various elements to ensure the apartments met modern living standards including:

SFS (Steel Frame Systems):
  • Implemented to enhance structural integrity and support the building’s framework.
Sheathing Board:
  • Installed to provide additional insulation and weatherproofing, thereby improving energy efficiency.
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer):
  • Utilised for roofing to ensure durability and weather resistance.
Internal Partitions:
  • Constructed to delineate individual living spaces and enhance privacy for residents.
Ceiling and Skim:
  • Finished ceilings with skim coating to create a polished and aesthetically pleasing interior.


  • The project faced logistical challenges, tight deadlines, and coordination efforts to ensure seamless execution of multiple tasks within the allocated timeframe and budget.


  • Despite the challenges, B&K Systems and Caddick Construction successfully completed the project, delivering 515 modern apartments that meet the needs and expectations of city dwellers.
  • The renovated apartments not only provide comfortable living spaces but also contribute to the revitalisation of the urban environment in Leeds.



The collaboration between B&K Systems and Caddick Construction exemplifies the power of teamwork and expertise in transforming residential spaces. By combining innovation, craftsmanship, and dedication, the project has breathed new life into the city of Leeds, offering residents a place to call home in a thriving urban community.

As a leading company in high-quality floor and wall systems, B&K Systems offers a one-stop shop for the installation of large and small commercial and residential projects alike.

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