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Case Study – The Wardian

We provided and installed around 50,000m2 of thin section screed, incorporating CPG Europe Isocrete SL plus and Alpha screeds, alongside underfloor heating systems.

Elevating Luxury Living: Flooring Solutions for The Wardian


The Wardian project epitomises luxury living with the construction of two residential towers comprising 767 upscale apartments over 50 floors. We played a pivotal role in this development by supplying and installing approximately 50,000m2 of thin section screed, including CPG Europe Isocrete SL plus and Alpha screeds, along with underfloor heating systems.

Project Scope:

The Wardian project aimed to redefine residential living in London with its iconic towers offering breathtaking views and unparalleled amenities. Our flooring solutions were integral to this vision, providing durability, comfort, and luxury across the expansive residential complex.


As a flagship development by Ballymore, The Wardian project set new standards for luxury residential construction in London. Our involvement underscored our commitment to delivering high-quality flooring solutions tailored to the needs of prestigious residential developments.

What We Did:

We supplied and installed approximately 50,000m2 of thin section screed, incorporating advanced products such as CPG Europe Isocrete SL plus and Alpha screeds. Additionally, underfloor heating systems were integrated to enhance comfort and efficiency within the apartments.


The completion of The Wardian project marked a significant achievement for Ballymore and B&K Systems, setting a new benchmark for luxury residential living in London. The high-quality flooring solutions we provided, contributed to the overall appeal and desirability of the apartments, enhancing the living experience for residents.


Our flooring solutions played a crucial role in realising the vision of The Wardian project, delivering luxury, comfort, and durability to its residents. By providing tailored flooring solutions and superior craftsmanship, we reaffirmed our position as a trusted partner in the residential construction sector, contributing to the success of prestigious developments like The Wardian.

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